The Importance of Professional MLS Photos

Did you know that 90% of buyers start their home search online? No matter how great your home looks, if you don’t capture it with top quality MLS photos you lose potential buyers right out of the  gate. Every day new buyers search the Internet for the latest homes to come on the market. This is your chance to WOW buyers, driving more foot traffic to your door increasing your chances of a quicker sale for top dollar. Elite Staging and Redesign prides ourselves on delivering the highest quality MLS photos showcasing your home in its best possible light.

Taking Outdoor MLS Photos in all Kinds of Weather

Whether (pardon the pun) the sun is shining or you’re dealing with inclement weather, you can capture stunning MLS photos…..if you know what you’re doing. Surprisingly a very sunny day can be, but isn’t always the optimal conditions because it can bleach out colors.  I took this MLS photo with gray skies affording me the ability to bring up the colors of the landscaping which was a great selling feature of this home…Morristown Exterior MLS

Sunny Days

Sunny days are great if you plan the timing of the sun’s position in relation to the exterior of the home. You always want the sun at your back. If there are a lot of trees on the property noontime yields the least shadows and may be your best bet. I took this photo on a sunny day around noon and with excellent results…

Batna's backyard right side

Inclement Weather

I staged this home during inclement weather with dark skies. I had planned to come back to take the outdoor MLS photos but decided to snap a few pictures to see how the weather translated in the photos. In this case, the stormy clouds gave the photos a beautiful, unique quality and I was able to bring up the colors without bleaching out the photos because I wasn’t working with bright sunlight…

Try Different Vantage Points

Take several photos from different angles because the camera always views objects different than the naked eye. Start taking your outdoor MLS photos from further away and move closer to the home. After taking several shots I found this angle captured the home’s beautiful landscaping yielding a much better photo with better contrast. Moreover, with 25 available MLS photos you can add two front yard angles, especially when you have a large home such as this one…

MLS Montville Home

Dark Skies

Rain isn’t always a bad thing and in fact professional photographers wet down pavers and decks to bring out their vibrant colors.  Had it been really sunny it would have been a lot harder to capture all the vibrant colors of the grass, greenery and flowers…

Cloudy Days Can Yeild Great MLS Photos

Outdoor Spaces Decks, Patios & Pools

Different lighting creates different moods so use it to your advantage. It’s always better if you can find a location to take the photo that’s not in direct sunlight. If you can’t, bring along a 2 foot by 2 foot cardboard cutout to block the sun with one hand while you take the photo. This technique will prevent color spots and distracting sunrays…

Decks, Patios, Porches

Think Outside the Box

We live in the age of digital cameras that are easily deleted so why not take extra photos from  less obvious positions?! You may capture your best shot positioning yourself lower to the ground, standing on a step ladder or from a unique angle. If it doesn’t come out great just delete, but you may find yourself with an outstanding MLS photo.

I noticed this beautiful property had a shade garden in the distant backyard. I walked to the outer perimeter of the backyard, turned and faced the home capturing a wonderful MLS photo which the Realtor loved and used…

Capture differnt angles

Always Edit Your MLS Photos

Every photo can and should be enhanced by editing. Use a good photo editing program to manipulate the lighting, colors and contrast. Moreover crooked photos can always be salvaged using the straighten or cropping tool.  Whatever you do don’t just snap one photo and move on. Always take several photos of the same shot because for some unknown reason there’s always one photo that stands out from the rest.

If you live in the Morris, Union, Essex County area and want beautiful, professional MLS photos Call me, Kristine Ginsberg of Elite Staging and Redesign at (201-602-2562) for more information on how I can make your home stand out from the competition.

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