Thinking about selling your Morris County NJ home? Prior to even consulting a Morris County Stager, there are jobs you can and should do to prepare your home to sell, especially in today’s  real estate market. 

Here is my list of do’s and don’ts when selling your Morris County home:

The Do’s

Find a Reputable Realtor®

Find a Realtor® who will price your home based on their research, knowledge and comparable comps, not what you think your home should list for.  You don’t know all the variables that go into pricing a home, nor do you have the information they have access to that determines what you home should list for.

Throw Out the Old, Dated and Dusty

Throw out any outdated, dusty floral arrangements and flower swags that went out with the eighties. Replace them with real plants, or buy silk arrangements that will pass for the real thing – just not at the dollar store!

Paint the Interior of Your Home

Paint the interior of your home if it hasn’t been done in 10 years – it’s the biggest bang for your buck with a 150% return on investment. Painting is the best way to clean up, neutralize and rid your home of unpleasant orders that have permeated the walls. Stick to beiges, taupes, creams, grays – it goes with any décor. Red dining rooms are out folks – it is what it is!

Leaky Toilets, Broken Cabinets, Door Hinges and knobs

Replace or fix leaky toilets, broken cabinets, door hinges, knobs – you know – all the projects you’ve been meaning to do, but didn’t. Now’s the time!

Tidy Up Outdoor Spaces

Highlight and clean up outdoor spaces like patios, decks and porches. Create a lounge or dining area, replace old welcome mats that say anything but, or add a few potted flowers. Outdoor space reigns supreme in today’s market so give it a purpose.

Non-gender Specific Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be non-gender specific. Invest in neutral bedding – grandma’s quilt isn’t going to cut it. Look for a bed-in-a-bag and keep it simple.

Now, the Don’ts

Think you know more than your Realtor ® and list your home above fair market value

Today’s fair market value, not 6 years ago when homes were selling like hotcakes – face it, those day are over…….for now! Your Realtor® is an expert at determining the price of your home. Moreover, 85% of sellers think their home is worth more than it is because it holds sentimental value, thus they can’t be objective. This is why you need a professional!

Clean your home by cramming your junk into any available storage space

Buyers look in closets and cabinets – it’s a given! If your closets are filled to the brim with “stuff”, your sending a flag that their “stuff” won’t fit either. This is the time to purge or donate anything you don’t absolutely need while your home’s on the market.

Wait until the last minute to eliminate unnecessary furniture and clutter

Rent a small storage space or call on family to store the things you don’t absolutely need while your home is on the market. This serves two purposes: opens up your rooms showcasing the square footage, and creates easy flow within and to and from each room. In addition, you’ll be more prepared, reducing a lot of stress at moving time.

Assume buyers are going to take on all your unfinished projects

As soon as buyers enter your home they are assessing all the pros and cons. Don’t give them your DIY projects like leaky faucets,running toilets, broken doorbells, torn screens, and chipped molding to add to their con list. Today’s buyers want turnkey homes and will make a note of any unfinished projects.

Forget about curb appeal

This is the first impression; what buyers see on MLS and when they arrive at your home. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, put down fresh mulch,  add a few potted plants for pops of color and use a blower to remove debris from your driveway, walkway, steps and porch. Drive buyers in, not away!

Fill the house with scented candles, air fresheners and Glade Plug-ins

Clean is the only smell all buyers love and what they want to find when they step inside your home. Anything else seems like you trying to mask hidden odors. Think of air fresheners as substituting perfume or cologne in lieu of taking a shower – it doesn’t work and is a huge turnoff!

Assume buyers are pet lovers

Some are not, and even if they are, they don’t love your pets! Clean and wash all dog and cat beds, toys, blankets, food bowls, litter boxes and store them where buyers can’t see or smell them during showings and open houses. In addition, temporarily take pets out of the home and all traces of them. This is a hassle, I know, but it’s temporary and you want to sell.

Invest in a Morris County staging consultation ($100) for the top 5 recommendations to improve your home for the market.  We understand and can implement necessary changes that will give your home that competitive edge so necessary in today’s market. Call Kristine, our top design consultant today at 201-602-2562 to see how we can transform your home into a buyer’s dream!