Statistics by the National Association of Realtors report that 93% of today’s buyers have “light” at the top of their wish list! The good news is there are many tips and techniques  that will increase the amount of sunlight and over all ambient light throughout your home. And, because light is so important to buyers, following the ten suggestions listed below could be the difference between your home selling over the competition, making it well worth the investment!

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1.      1. Trim overgrown bushes in front of your windows that obscure sunshine. It’s also wise to trim large trees, especially in your front yard.

2.      2. Wash your windows inside and out. Over time a buildup occurs from rain, dirt, dust and smears, which can reduce your sunlight by 10-15%.

3.      3. Remove window treatments. Some clients balk at taking down custom window treatments, however you’re selling the light and windows, not your curtains. The only exception is thin, white shades (great when you have a poor view) or full length, white sheers affixed close to the ceiling and to the side of the windows, making it appear larger. (Notice there are no window treatments in the photos and the rooms still look great.)

4.      4. Make sure the light is balanced throughout each room. If not, add a table or floor lamp to any dark corners.

5.      5. Clean and replace burnt out light bulbs. Believe it or not, they too get a dust film on them reducing the light. Walk through each room and inspect every light source (pot lights, lamps, sconces, art lighting, high hats, under-counter lighting, built-ins, china cabinets, ect.) and replace any burnt out bulbs. This will increase the light and make everything sparkle!

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6.      6. Move or store large furniture that’s blocking any windows…for obvious reasons.

7.      7. Place a mirror or mirrors across from your windows. They will bring in and reflect the ambient light while giving the illusion of more space.

8.      8. Keep the main room lights on (dining, living family room, kitchen and porch) well into the evening. Every car that passes your home is a potential buyer and this is a good way to give them a sneak peak. In addition, a dark vacant home will alert people no one is home, which is never a good thing.  

9.      9. Replace tinted or colored lampshades with white (drum or square are best) so they don’t cast a yellow glow, which really shows up in photos. Target carries the perfect shape in white and they are very inexpensive   

      10. Add landscape lighting outside for a beautiful, charming look. Home Depot carries easy to install sets that are also a great investment in curb appeal. All you have to do is place them facing your bushes and up at your trees and plug them in.

If you follow these relatively simple and inexpensive suggestions it could yield up to 35% more light, a commodity all buyers want and agree on! Moreover, your home will look lighter, brighter and cleaner! 

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