Having won 2014 US Top Professional Home Stager of the Year by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), I’d like to share my tips on staging trends and how to effectively stage your home.0LivingroomWEBSITE1. If your home is vacant, YOU should stage it. It’s a misconception that rooms look larger without furniture. Moreover, staging creates warmth and emotional connections with buyers while taking the guess work out of, “How should we arrange the furniture?”

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2. Staging is very different from interior design. When you stage a home your goal is to target your buyer demographic. Who lives in your community? Young couples, families, empty nesters, retired folks, singles?

3. Know your buyer by getting to know your neighborhood! Visit popular cafés, restaurants, pubs, bars and take note of the average age, vibe, style and décor. They usually reflect the tastes of your  community.

4. Staging is not about your,  or for that matter my personal taste. It’s about styling the house to appeal to the greatest percentage of buyers.

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NJ home staging, North Jersey Home Staging Tips, NJ Top home staging trend,

NJ Home Staging Top Home Staging Tips & Trends 2014, NJHome Staging Kristine Ginsberg

5. Keep your rooms light, bright and airy. Take down heavy drapery. It’s my opinion, but I only endorse white, simple sheers or no curtains at all. You’re selling the home’s architectural features, so why would you cover the windows?  Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.

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6. Not everyone can afford furniture rental. I get that. However, painting along with updating your accessories (lighting, pillows, bedding, art, rugs, vases, ect) creates an instant makeover…

A coat of fresh paint and updated accessories can really update and transform a space…

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7. Though every neighborhood demographic is somewhat different, the rule of thumb is not to be taste specific. For example if your décor is very traditional, you will turn off transitional, contemporary, coastal and modern buyers. If you’re not sure, transitional is your best bet – trust me on this one.

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8. Showcase your home’s architectural details! Make sure buyer’s views aren’t obstructed by furniture, large rugs, or oversized accessories. Rule of thumb: Fireplaces should always be the focal point of the room.

9. Make sure buyers can easily maneuver from space to space and open doors without hindrances. For example this was a small space with a railing, doorways on both sides and a walk through. We created a small sitting area addressed each of these issues…

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10. Scale your furniture in context to the room. Remove or store oversized furniture in small spaces so it doesn’t overwhelm and shrink your rooms. Even in larger rooms we use small to mid-size furniture to showcase your home’s square footage.

11. Studies indicate that most people like and can easily envision their furnishings in rooms painted in neutral colors: whites, taupe, grays, beige.  Yes, there are a percentage of people who love bright colors………..but, there’s a good percentage who don’t. You can add pops of color to any room with accessories.

NJ Home Staging, North Jersey home staging, Morris Essex county NJ Home Staging, NJ Vacant staging

13. Last, but not least, home staging truly is an innate talent, years of experience combined with in depth real estate knowledge. Why take the chance of having your greatest asset languish on the market while you pay exorbitant monthly carrying costs?!  The investment of home staging will yield a faster sale at top dollar, in the end saving you money.  Call Elite Staging at 201-602-2562 for a free vacant home staging consult today.

NJ Home Staging, North Jersey home staging, Morris Essex county NJ Home Staging, NJ Vacant staging