Studies have shown that most buyers purchase homes based on emotions

More than any other financial investment, most people report that they buy homes based on emotions and then justify it with logic.  Why? Because a home is several things: It’s your refuge where you


raise your family, a representation of who you are and your lifestyle as well as most people’s largest financial investment.

Great example of emotional connections for buyers

Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your home

When selling, it’s important that buyers can envision themselves living in your home which is why we suggest removing collections, family photos, and personal objects that remind them they are in your home.

One aspect of home staging is creating emotional connections with buyers.

For example kitchens and bathrooms are mostly hardscape and can appear cold and sterile. Rather then remove everything from the kitchen counters and bathroom vanities (old school of thought) this Morris County Stager adds warmth and creates a feeling of “home” using several techniques:

Using organic props when home staging

When staging we used organic props and nature not only to create ambiance, but to create those oh-so important emotional connections with buyers. By adding live plants, oils, flowers, fruit, vegetables and fresh bread in a kitchen, it triggers emotions of family dinners, entertaining, home cooked meals, while adding color, texture and warming up the space.

Example 1: An already lovely kitchen that needed some warmth and “life” breathed into it along with pops of color. (We also purchased some updated stools at target for $50.00)




Now this kitchen is ready for buyers...Now-this-Kitchen-is-ready-for-buyers...

Different Angle







Example 2: For this bathroom a little staging went a long way. We added warmth by giving it a spa like feeling so buyers can envision themselves taking a bath in this relaxing space…





Close ups:


Glass jars filled with sand and shells look great in any bathroom

The point is, when presenting your home on MLS or in person you want buyers to connect with your home on an emotional level, giving them the feeling they are home. You want them to easily envision themselves living in your house. Cold, sterile hardscape doesn’t illicit feelings of “home sweet home”. Staging adds warmth, and creates emotional connections with buyers.

If you’re thinking of selling, call Kristine of Elite Staging and Redesign (201) 602-2562 for a comprehensive home staging consultation with more tips on how to prepare your Morris County home for the real estate market.