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Mid-Century Modern furniture is the perfect balance between art and function with a sculptured look, ethereal quality that does not diminish its practical design. While many people think of traditional, transitional, contemporary, old world or modern as design styles, most aren’t familiar with Mid Century Modern design.

I ask many of my clients if they really know their  décor style and if it’s truly a reflection of themselves, their family and lifestyle.  Do you walk through your door at the end of the day to what feels like your sanctuary, a place you feel proud of and want to show off to your family and friends? Many people aren’t informed, don’t really know their style and buy mass produced furniture sets where everything matches (don’t make this mistake!) or buy a bunch of miss-matched styles with no cohesive look that don’t make sense in relation to the rest of the room because they don’t know any better.

However, you are unique and your spaces should reflect your taste, style and look. A good way to determine your style is by looking through design magazines, online furniture stores or spend a few weekends visiting a variety of furniture stores that carry many different manufactures, styles and decor before you buy anything. Take your camera along and take photos of what speaks to you, captures your interest and do some research into that particular design style.

Most people are more partial to one particular style and limit themselves to furniture and décor from that era.  However the rules of interior design have changed and now you can now marry almost any decor by adding a few select pieces from another furniture style, thus adding more interest and putting your unique stamp on each of your spaces. For example a table made of reclaimed wood with white Eames Eiffel chairs looks fabulous and fits into any kitchen; you just have to be able to think outside the “traditional” box.

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Mid-Century Modern furniture, born in the 1950’s, gave birth to many classic styles like the Barcelona chair that works with everything from traditional to modern and everything in between. I’m more partial to white if paring with traditional furnishings, and black looks very sleek and modern.

A great way to incorporate Mid-Century furniture into any room is by adding a chair or two, couch, coffee or end table. You can choose from Barcelona, Swan, Bantum, Eames Eiffel and molded plywood chairs to Corbusier loungers or a Noguchi coffee tables. You can add one piece or design an entire room around this increasing popular design because they marry into just about any style.

Ghost chairs (see through acrylic) and Barcelona chairs are popping up everywhere from traditional to contemporary decor and they work beautifully in any space. The original branded Barcelona chair  can cost up to $6,000, but there are good knockoffs for under $1,000 so do your research.

I’ve always been a firm believer in mixing it up and adding interest with period furniture. Make it fun, functional and fabulous! If you are looking to update and Redesign your Morris County home call Elite Staging and Redesign at 201-602-2562 today to see how we can transform your home into a beautiful sanctuary even on the smallest budget! No job is too big or too small!

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